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8 Things to Know Before Purchasing Home Owner Insurance

 8 Things to Know Before Purchasing Home Owner Insurance Perbesar

A new house is a prominent investment that you will ever make. Home owner insurance is the next most essential form of investment you can make. Therefore, prior to buy new furniture, get to know what kind of home insurance that fits to your need. Follow the following tips to start protecting your assets if you are unsure as to what kind of home insurance you need.

Essential Things to Know about Home Insurance

1.             Get the Most Appropriate Insurance

According to the vice-chairman of consumer affairs in the Insurance Information Institute, Jeanne Salvatore, it’s crucial for an individual to what they have and know that their assets are protected. She also suggests reviewing the four critical areas of home owner’s insurance. These include your home’s structure, belongings, responsibility to others, and living expenses should you have to leave.

2.             Determine the Amount of Coverage You Require

The better the term policy, the less you’ll need to spend your own money should any disaster occurs. Your lender may determine the coverage amount you require and require you to purchase a policy that addresses your mortgage amount at the very least.

3.             Get to Know How to File a Claim

When it comes to restoring what you have lost, two policies that promise the very same coverage amount usually can be drastically different. Make sure the agent provides you an explanation on how the claim the home owner insurance, particularly about issuing a check.

4.             Purchase a Floater

The purchase of a floater is advised by many experts. It’s a special policy that you will compensate you should you lose some items in your house. If it’s a new item, keep the bill and send a copy of the bill to your agent. If it’s older, you should get it appraised.

5.             Keep Up With the Rate of Inflation

This is particularly crucial so that you know the average cost of home owner insurance. Your home may have cost around $100,000 when you built it a decade ago. However, it might cost you around $120,000 or more when you need to replace it. Thus, check with your insurance agent to make sure the amount of your coverage is still appropriate, especially when you have to renew your insurance.

6.             Do Inventory

Two steps to submitting a home owner insurance claim: documenting that you owned specific things and confirming their value. This is much easier to perform when all your belongings are still at your disposal. Use a camera and take a video of your home. Make sure to document each room in your home and film everything you possess.

7.             Consider Disaster Insurance

To be sure, this policy isn’t for everyone. However, if you reside in an area susceptible to disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, you should be aware that these disasters aren’t covered by most insurance plans. Therefore, you will have to look for some carriers that offer both policies.

8.             Protect Your Property  Should You Own a Condo

You should be aware that the home owner insurance estimate generally doesn’t include the entire cost of the land. If you live in a condo, check to see whether the condo association implements a policy for public areas and if so, consider getting a copy. Also, check to see what areas of your home that you need to cover.

Whether it is property coverage, protecting your possessions within your house or a home owner insurance policy, there is always an insurance solution that can be adjusted to your needs. If you already know what kind of insurance to choose, make sure to always review your insurance needs at least every year.

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