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Things to Know before Hiring Attorney for Car Accidents

 Things to Know before Hiring Attorney for Car Accidents Perbesar


Besides it may cause car damage, the car accidents may also leave you to deal with hospital cost. However, you don’t need to think about that if you have coverage for that—and that’s what auto insurance is made for. Unfortunately, despite being something that you want to reimburse ASAP, insurance coverage sometimes plays hard to catch, making you as the payer to even hire an attorney for car accidents. How exactly should you do this?

Things You Should Know before Hiring Attorney for Car Accidents

1.             Begin your research, if possible, do it before the accident

It may sound like you are expecting your own accident. But, NO. Looking for attorney car accidentsmay not be an easy one. It requires you a deep research, comparing one attorney to another, and you may end up to get into a deal with law firm.


Just to let you know, the insurance company also has their team of attorneys that will learn about your claim immediately. Therefore, it’d be better to also have a backup person to share your claim journey with, because dealing with attorneys working for a billion-dollar company may be a hassle.


Although in common any lawyer may be capable enough to deal with your case, it’s always best to find someone with long-term experience in the industry. Law firms are where this kind of experts are gathering in. So, instead of searching for individual names, begin looking for law firms that have handled insurance claims for car accidents. If you are not currently issuing a claim, it’d be better to just keep its name.


2.             When to contact your attorney

There is no definite answer for this, but if you just have had an accident and planning to claim your reimbursement, it’d be better to hire your attorney as soon as possible.


Now you may begin to wonder, what your attorney at law car accidents will do. Commonly, they will question you these questions:

·                     How did the car accident happen? For this question you will need to explain the chain of events in an obvious way. Retell how the car accident happened as far as you know.

·                     Then, they will also ask ‘who is legally responsible for the car crash?’ To be rephrased, they are asking about what the facts said about who had caused the crash.

·                     ‘How far the injury causing your life?’ in this question, you should specify the appropriate amount of money the victim (you) should get in order to compensate with the harm.

These questions will give quite a thorough explanation for the attorney to decide a strategy to help you claim your rights. It’d be better to not wait to get help from the expert. The earlier you act, the greater the chance of your case to be better off handled.

3.             How much will you get as a settlement?

Well, even your attorney at law car accidents cannot ensure you and themselves how much you will get as the settlement. This is because each insurance company has their algorithms to determine the amount of each victim’s settlement. The settlement will be generally determined according to:

·                     The injury the car accidents cause

·                     The witness testimony

·                     Past, current, and future medical expenses

·                     Age of the injured victim

·                     How the accident will impact the victim’s life, and

·                     The suggested fault

Gripping tight on these aspects, the insurance company will count how much is the right amount to compensate you.

4.             How long will the lawsuit take?

It depends verily from one case to another. There are, as expected, factors that determine the length of the lawsuit itself to be handled. According to a source, it can take around several months to even one or two years.

The bottom line is, the quicker you hire an attorney for car accidents, the better. However, you should keep in mind that even though you are looking for a person in a hurry, you shouldn’t leave the attorney’s past experiences as consideration.

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